Getting started with Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll is very easy. All you need to do is set up your company, add employees and start processing your payroll. If any help is required, one of our sales team will be in touch right away to run through our onboarding process and the material needed to get started.
Yes. Your data is safe with Canada Cloud Payroll. We have stricter security measures such as secured login, data encryption, HTTPS security etc. to name a few.
Absolutely not! When we say free, we mean it. We’ve always been proud to offer completely transparent pricing, and that’s not about to change.
No payment information is needed to sign up for Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll. Your 15 days is free with unlimited payroll runs, including off-cycle and bonus payrolls. Once your 15 days’ demo has passed, you need to switch to a paid account by entering your payment details. We will only debit your company bank account when you process payroll.
There is no additional cost for employees in multiple provinces. There are no extra charges for anything.
Import and export data in comma-delimited (.csv) or XML data file formats to and from popular spreadsheet and accounting software programs, including Microsoft Excel, MultiLedger and Moneyworks.
The system will allow up to 99 employees per payroll company. If you have more than 99 employees, contact our sales team.
Yes, the system will produce laser T4s for both the employee and employer copies. The system will also produce the T4 employer summary.
Yes, you can close your account anytime.

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