Checkmark Business Solutions is a subsidiary of CheckMark, Inc., a leading provider of payroll, accounting and tax reporting solutions for small businesses. Our journey in Canada began in 2003 when we started marketing and selling our products through distributors and resellers.

After years of partnership-based activities, our Founder and CEO, Mohammed Ghani decided to open a new company in Canada to sell the Payroll and Accounting Software and Services directly to the Canadians Small Businesses. Our aim is to create, deliver and support the best financial software and services for Small Businesses in Canada. Our products are used by thousands of customers in Canada and North America.

HR Outlook Magazine named Checkmark among the top 10 payroll solution providers.

CFO Tech Outlook ranked Checkmark among the top 10 companies providing the best accounting solutions.

Checkmark has been a leader in the desktop payroll and accounting software market for more than thirty years. As the challenges of globalisation and compliance add complexity to business, Checkmark has continued to innovate the payroll and accounting products for employers and small business owners alike. We are grateful to be recognised by HR Tech Outlook and CFO Tech Outlook for what we believe is our focus: staying ahead of the market to meet the dynamic needs of small businesses.

Today, many of Canada's most progressive, respected organisations and businesses use our solutions to process payroll for thousands of employees each month and perform accounting tasks for their businesses. As a customer-focused company, we always strive to provide the best overall experience and best possible value for the money to our customers.

Checkmark also added a cloud payroll application to its portfolio in 2018. Our cloud payroll software, Checkmark Canada Cloud Payroll, is designed specifically for the needs and requirements of small businesses.

Checkmark’s objective is to help clients stop drowning in payroll paperwork and focus on work that matters. Whether it’s filing payroll taxes correctly or making it easier to manage statutory holiday payments, our small business solutions are designed to help you proactively manage your business and make your employees happy by reducing their exposure to compliance-related risks and protecting from litigation.